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7 Reasons you should pack up everything and live in Sechelt!

7 Reasons you should pack up everything and live in Sechelt!

We know that moving to a different city can be stressful, especially when you don’t know anything about it. We’re here to show you all about the beauty, events & people of this gem of a city on the Sunshine Coast, located in beautiful British Columbia Canada.

We know this move could be one of your big life decisions (similar to purchasing your first new home), so we wanted to make sure you had some of the important info before you take the leap.

1. Sechelt is a small town with a big heart

(Pride crosswalk installed 2019 on Cowrie Street in Downtown Sechelt)

Sechelt is the largest community in the Sunshine Coast area, and it has a whopping 1/3 of the population of the Sunshine Coast. Total population on the Sunshine Coast it is about 29 thousand compared to Sechelt’s 10. If you’ve ever lived in a big city like Vancouver this would be peanuts when you compare the numbers. This small community contributes to some serious small-town, friendly and all inclusive vibes. Within a few years of being on the Coast it will feel like you know everyone. Explore the friendly Sechelt Life on our Instagram.

2. Unparalleled outdoor experiences

(Kayak rentals at 5718 Anchor Rd, Sechelt Inlet)

Are you one of those people who always seek outdoor adventure? If so, we’ve got some amazing news for you. Sechelt offers a wide range of outdoor activities; world class mountain biking, boating, scuba diving, fishing, rock climbing and much more. The great thing about all these outdoor adventures is that they are all located right here in Sechelt. Sometimes, it can take the fun out of it when you have to travel so far just to get your outdoor fix. Want some suggestions on some outdoor activities to get you started? Find out more about all the Outdoor activities available on the Sunshine Coast

3. A Beach addicts dream

(Davis Bay Board Walk Summer of 2019)

Need a fix for your beach addiction? Sechelt has you covered. There are over 50+ beach access points that are maintained and improved each year, each offering a unique experience as well as easy access. Please note that the beach access offer 3 different levels of trail experience from easy to difficult. Find out more information about Sechelt beach trails.

4. An artist’s haven

Do you love the theatre, music and art? Are you looking to express yourself or just extremely passionate about the arts? Sechelt has artists of all types and mediums; an active local theatre scene, and a multitude of photographers, carvers, glass blowers, musicians and more. Sechelt also hosts many art festivals, like the Sunshine Coast art crawl, where you can meet the artists and network with people as passionate about art as you! This is like heaven for those who live and breathe art because there are hundreds of artists and venues you can explore during the three day event. Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast is known for its artist community, come explore with us!

5. Low traffic, Low stress

(corner of Cowrie Street and Inlet Avenue in Downtown Sechelt on a Thursday afternoon)

Any major city is jam packed with traffic and going out on a holiday is out of the question. Driving and public transit feels like you are being crammed into a tin can with so many people around you. In Sechelt, the worst traffic you might see is someone going slightly under the speed limit, or a once in a blue moon accident. If you want to remove yourself from city driving and reduce your stress level. Sechelt is the solution for you.

6. Amazing Local Events

(Sechelt’s annual Canada Day Parade 2019 featured 54 floats, bikes, classic cars, electric cars, boats, drummers, roller skaters)

There is nothing better than a community that offers a variety of events that connects you to the things you are passionate about. Sechelt offers just that, with a variety of local events year-round; from arts, to archery, music, yoga; to season specific events like the Summer Music Series and the Sechelt Farmer’s Market. Find out about some of the local events happening in Sechelt.

7. Beautiful and Affordable Properties

(Modern homes in West Sechelt)

It’s hard not to love the beautiful properties, situated in one of the most beautiful natural settings, and best of all – right by the beach? Of course, one of the most important functions of a home is to provide relaxation and peace of mind and Sechelt is known for its relaxed people, community and environment. And the prices… compared to a place like Vancouver, where the average detached house for the last months on Vancouver Eastside sold at $1,477,8557 and on the Westside at $3,269,143, Sechelt’s average for the last 3 months was $770,121 – which is a drastic difference. We’re sure you can find some way to put those savings to better use while creating your dream home. Search Sechelt properties on our Sechelt Property Search page.

There is so much more to Sechelt, and we are just scratching the surface, but hopefully we’ve given you a glimpse into why so many people love this beautiful West Coast city that is less than 1.5 hours from downtown Vancouver via ferry.


Gabriel McCay

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